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Australia Increased Skilled Visas – Federal Budget 2022-23


Australia to increase the number of  Skilled Visas from 79,600 to 1,42,400 this year.   The Federal Government has just announced that total immigration to Australia will increase from 1,60,000 to 1,95,000 this year. In this, the number of skilled visas will increase from 79,600 to 1,42,400 in the federal budget. Advertisement These include Employee Sponsored, Skilled Independent, Regional, and State Territory Nominated visas. Treasurer Jim Chalmers also said that the number of parent visas would be increased. The number of parent visas will be increased from 4,500 to 8,500 this year. There is no cap on partner and child visas. [...]

Australia Increased Skilled Visas – Federal Budget 2022-232022-10-26T14:51:08+05:30

Extended Work Rights for International Students in Australia


The Australian Govt. has made it clear that International Students will be allowed to work long after their studies. The opportunity will be for those completing degrees in areas that are severely affected by labor shortages. Preference for Nursing, Engineering, and IT fields.     The Government has announced that it will allow international students to work long after their studies as part of solving Australia's acute labor shortage. Home Affairs Minister Claire O'Neill said in a statement that it would apply to some courses in areas where labor shortages are acute. A spokesperson for Home Secretary Claire O'Neill told that [...]

Extended Work Rights for International Students in Australia2022-09-06T12:35:31+05:30

Relaxation of Visa conditions in Western Australia


Relaxation of work visa conditions in Western Australia; Immigration will be made easier A number of relaxations in nominated visa conditions have been announced to address the shortage of skilled workers in Western Australia. The Government of Western Australia is trying to attract more skilled workers from overseas by relaxing several conditions like work experience, English language proficiency, and bank account balance. In the 2022-23 financial year, 8,140 people will be granted government-nominated visas in Western Australia. This is more than double the previous year. These changes will make it easier for people in many occupations to migrate to Western Australia [...]

Relaxation of Visa conditions in Western Australia2022-10-26T16:22:40+05:30

Skilled Visas to Australia Increased


The Federal Government has announced in the budget that there will be an increase in Skilled Visas to Australia, which got dropped due to the Covid crisis. Total migration to Australia has fallen sharply in recent years due to Covid restrictions. Treasurer Josh Friedenberg said in the budget that this would change. By 2022-23, 160,000 people will have the opportunity to come to Australia as permanent migrants. This limit has not changed compared to the previous year. However, the quota for various visas has been changed within this limit. The government has said it will give more opportunities to those on [...]

Skilled Visas to Australia Increased2023-07-12T14:55:58+05:30

Australian Borders Reopened to the Rest of the World


Australian borders reopened after two years of restrictions. Everyone, including those on visitor visas, can travel to Australia from now.     Australian borders reopened.  Tourists waiting to enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches and inland drive can now travel without any restrictions. Please pack your bags. Don't forget to have cash on hand because there are so many places to spend it This was the message from the Australian Prime Minister to the tourists coming from abroad. Although there are still a number of airlines available, entry was restricted to Australians and those with special conditions. It was the beginning of [...]

Australian Borders Reopened to the Rest of the World2022-02-22T17:04:44+05:30

Who can arrive in Australia from December 15?


The Government has announced that visa holders will be able to travel to Australia from December 15. Know more about who can arrive in Australia when the border opens.   The opening of the Australian border has been postponed due to the Omicron virus. But the federal government now guarantees that it will not extend beyond December 15. International students and those on skilled visas will be allowed to apply from December 15. It has now been announced that entry will be granted to holders of a total of 42 visa subclasses Access is already open to Australian citizens, residents, and [...]

Who can arrive in Australia from December 15?2021-12-06T16:18:06+05:30

The Australian border to open this November


Finally, the wait is over. Australian border will open next month and Australian citizens & Permanent Residents will be able to travel abroad and back from November. The seven-day home quarantine applies to those who have received two doses of the vaccine.   Overseas travel will be possible from next month for those in states and territories where the vaccination rate has passed 80%. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that those preparing to travel abroad need an internationally approved vaccination document. The Prime Minister added that the opening of the Australian border in different states will take place at different [...]

The Australian border to open this November2021-10-01T15:28:05+05:30

Australia To Open International Borders This Christmas – Tourism Minister


Tourism Minister Dan Tehan announced that the International border of Australia could be opened at least by Christmas The Australian government has said it expects international travel to resume by the end of this year. Tourism Minister Dan Tehan has said plans are afoot to open borders as vaccination rates rise in Australia. He added that the system, which includes a vaccine passport, would pave the way for hotel quarantine-free travel from Australia to abroad. According to the National Plan on Border Opening, 80 percent of people over the age of 16 in the country will be allowed to travel abroad [...]

Australia To Open International Borders This Christmas – Tourism Minister2021-09-24T12:09:36+05:30

More Opportunities for Students in Australia


The Federal government announced that students in Australia working in certain fields could continue to work more than 40 hours a week. Here we know in which areas.   The Covid crisis has led to severe labor shortages in many parts of Australia. It is in this context that the government has announced that students in Australia of various fields can work for more than forty hours in the two weeks normally allowed. This exemption will continue to apply to student visa holders working in the following areas. The government has said this is a temporary change in Covid situation. Aged [...]

More Opportunities for Students in Australia2021-09-16T16:22:10+05:30

International Students to Australia can be back this year


New South Wales and Victoria work to bring back International Students to Australia who could not reach due to the Covid travel ban by the end of 2021   New South Wales and Victoria, which have the highest number of international students in Australia, are planning to bring in international students. Both states plan to bring in students by the end of 2021. To this end, the NSW government plans to provide special quarantine facilities for international students. This will be different from the current quarantine facilities for returning passengers. A panel of quarantine centers is being set up, including institutions that provide [...]

International Students to Australia can be back this year2021-04-21T13:13:02+05:30
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