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In every candidate’s PR journey, skill assessment is the first and most critical step. It plays a critical role in deciding your eligibility for the particular visa categories. In today’s globalised world, Australia has become a desirable country for qualified people from all around the world. If you are an engineer, healthcare professional, IT professional, trade person, or in any other field, you have high demand in Australia. Skill assessment in Australia is not just a process, it needs to be done with proper attention and knowledge.

Understanding skill assessment

Understanding the technicalities of skill assessment in Australia is the first stepping stone to a promising future in Australia. It is a mandatory test for candidates who intend to migrate. Skill assessment is the process that Australian Immigration uses to determine if the candidate is eligible for Australian permanent residency. You must provide evidence of your academic qualifications and work experience for the assessment to be performed.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Academic Qualifications – To get eligibility, you have to submit the necessary qualifications relevant to your nominated occupation. The qualification you have submitted must meet the standards and requirements mentioned by the assessing authority responsible for your occupation.
  2. Work Experience – other than your academic credentials, you must submit your professional experience in your selected field. Your work experience should be closely related to your nominated occupation to get a positive outcome.
  3. Language proficiency – Adequate English language proficiency is mandatory for skill assessment. You can opt for PTE or IELTS.
  4. Relevant Documents – Prepare and submit all the necessary documents mentioned by the assessing authority, such as academic transcripts, professional certifications, employment references, two types of payment evidence, a well-structured curriculum vitae, etc.
  5. Skill assessment body – Choosing the correct assessing authority to match your nominated occupation is crucial because the criteria and guidelines of each assessing authority are different.
  6. Financial obligations – The cost of skill assessment can vary depending on the assessing authority. Make sure you have the necessary funds to pay the assessment expenses.

Skill assessment authorities

A skill assessment authority in Australia is the responsible government body for assessing the qualifications and work experience of skilled candidates for migration. Engineers Australia, ANMAC, ACS, AIQSL, VETASSESS, CPA, AILTS, TRA, AIMS, etc are the several assessment authorities. These authorities are deciding if the applicant meets the required skills for their chosen occupation.

The application processes

The assessment process thoroughly checks the applicant’s education and work experience. They are checking if the education qualification meets the Australian standards and if the work experience is relevant to their nominated occupation. The application process varies depending on the assessment authority. and each authority has its own validity like 2 or 3 years as follows.

Waiting period and outcomes

Applicants need to be aware of the waiting period and outcome of the skill assessment. After submitting the necessary documents to the assessment authority, there will be a waiting period of several weeks or months. The waiting period varies depending on the specific authority and the occupation being assessed. Once the assessment is complete, there will be positive or negative outcomes. A positive outcome means your qualifications and experience align with Australian standards. If it has a negative outcome, you have to carefully do a reassessment.


Skill assessment is a strict but necessary process for those who are aspiring to work or reside in the desirable country Australia. It thoroughly checks the Australian Standards and your nominated occupation corresponds to your academic qualification and work experience. Knowing about the process, eligibility criteria, and time frame to get your outcome will make your process go more smoothly.

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