The Australian Govt. has made it clear that International Students will be allowed to work long after their studies. The opportunity will be for those completing degrees in areas that are severely affected by labor shortages. Preference for Nursing, Engineering, and IT fields.

International Students

Consequently, the Government has announced that it will allow international students to work long after their studies as part of a bold new scheme to solve Australia’s acute labour shortage. Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neill said in a statement that it would apply to some courses in areas where labour shortages are acute.

A spokesperson for Home Secretary Claire O’Neill told that courses in nursing, engineering and IT will be given priority.

  • Those completing bachelor’s degrees who are included as part of the scheme will be allowed to work for four years. Currently, the tenure is two years.
  • Five years will be granted to those who complete certain master’s degrees. Currently, the work permit is for three years.
  • The government will extend the period of time allowed to work in Australia. For those who complete a doctorate in a field chosen by the government from four years to six years.

Importantly the change will be applicable to those completing the courses in the current financial year. It is expected that the project will be implemented in a way that these changes will be applied in the coming years as well.

Also, The government introduced the new scheme as part of the Jobs and Skills Summit which concluded last week. In October, the government will specify which courses will be subject to these changes.

Additionally, The government also stated that the working group comprised the Council of International Education, the National Tertiary Education Union, Universities Australia, and the Department of Home Affairs.

Apart from this, the Home Minister also stated that 500 additional staff will be appointed to resolve the delay in visa processing. The government also said that it will spend $36.1 million to overcome the crisis faced in the visa period.

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