Immigration Specialists - Rasheed Backer

Meet our dedicated immigration specialists, Rasheed Backer and Hiyas Backer.

Rasheed Backer BBA, RMA, MMIA

Chief Executive Officer
Senior Registered Migration Practitioner
Aust. Govt-MARA License No: 0635909

Qualifications and affiliations:

Immigration Law & Practice
Victoria Law School
Victoria University,

Citizenship & Immigration

(First Class with Distinction)
Deakin University

Member of the Migration Institute of Australia.
Member of the Law Institute of Victoria.
Member of the Migration Alliance Australia.
Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.
Member of the Institute of Professional Counsellors of Australia.

Rasheed is an Australian Citizen and founder of Aives Australia. He is a practicing member of the Migration Institute of Australia and Law Institute of Victoria. He has served as Law Clerk for some of the most prestigious Australian Solicitors & Barristers in Australia and practiced before the Supreme Court of Victoria, Federal Court of Australia and High Court of Australia. Rasheed is a qualified and talented Senior Australian Registered Migration Advisor holding AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT’S – OFFICE OF THE MIGRATION AGENTS REGULATION AUTHORITY Practising Licence No:0635909 to advocate Australian immigration advice and professional representation.

What sets him apart from the rest is his unquestionable integrity and character; zealously striving to exceed for the best interest of the client while ensuring the Professional Code of conduct is in place on every move. Rasheed has over 20 years of hands-on Australian and Overseas experience in the field of migration law; he was a former Team Leader in the Immigration Law Department of one of the finest Melbourne based Immigration Lawyer’s office, where he supervised and managed thousands of General Skilled migration applications including business visas from overseas. Rasheed’s expertise and talent in the industry are recognized by the myriad of successful migrants and corroborated by his former Employers, Senior Lawyers, and colleagues. A specialist in GSM/Business/Family and appeal cases, our clients hold his skills in high esteem.

Rasheed is the Principal and CEO of the firm and he often visits overseas to provide training and consultation to our clients and staff. Rasheed is also a member of the Australian Business Council and networks with other Australian businesses to keep the best interest of Australia and its citizens in the Middle East.

Immigration Specialists - Hiyas BackerHiyas M Backer B.Sc, RMA, MMIA

Chief Operation Officer
Registered Migration Practitioner
Aust. Government-OMARA License No: 1794307

Qualifications and affiliations:

Graduate in Immigration Law & Practice
Victoria University, Melbourne

Bachelors in Computer Science

Member of Migration Alliance
Member of Migration Institute of Australia
Member of Australian Computer Society

Hiyas is our Chief Operation Officer supervising and coordinating all our branch operations from Melbourne, Australia. He is the Australian Government’s – Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority Registered Migration Advisor (RMA #1794307) practicing exclusively on immigration matters for Australia.

He is responsible to interpret relevant requirements of the Migration Act contextualized in cross-disciplinary knowledge in order to initiate creative solutions to multi-faceted problems while respecting and valuing the diversity of clients. He has proven experience in providing complex assessment and advocate for regulatory decisions for a range of stakeholders in a number of ways including briefs, responses and representing visa applications. As a registered migration advisor, he exemplifies ethical and professional standards in the provision of migration law advice to clients both independently and also as a member of a team.

He is specialized in skilled migration, employer-sponsored migration, and partner migration programs. He has worked closely with many professional clients across the country and corporate companies. Hiyas has almost 10 years of hands-on experience in Engineers (CDR) and Information technology applications especially ACS Applications for RPL and Projects. He has played a major role in advising our IT clients from multinational companies like Infosys, Wipro, Dell, GE, IBM, SAP Lab, Accenture, HP, Oracle, Yahoo etc.

Hiyas is also an expert in TRA Applications and alternatively played a major role in supporting clients from various TRADE background to prove their skills to the concerned authority. His achievements included supporting some of the key applications from professionals and individuals across various industries. As dedicated immigration specialists, Rasheed and Hiyas bring a wealth of experience and expertise to assist clients in their immigration journey.

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