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Australia to Speed up Skilled Visa Process


The Government has decided to expedite the Skilled visa process for skilled workers to Australia. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the decision was aimed at addressing the Shortage of Skilled Workers.   Yesterday was the first national cabinet meeting since the Labor government came to power. The meeting, which was attended by state premiers and chief ministers, discussed the country's labor shortage. States and territories have called on the Prime Minister to expedite immigration and speed up the skilled visa process. The Prime Minister said that the Home Ministry has been directed to reduce the waiting list for applications and address [...]

Australia to Speed up Skilled Visa Process2022-06-18T12:24:27+05:30

Benefits of Australian Citizenship


Check out what are the Benefits of Australian Citizenship Who can become an Australian citizen?  What are the benefits of Australian Citizenship? These are the basic qualifications for obtaining Australian citizenship. Must have lived in Australia for four consecutive years. This requires a one-year permanent residency visa. Must comply with Australian laws and values. Must pass the citizenship exam. Must pass character inspection including police clearance. These are the ways for immigrants to get citizenship. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use: A child born in Australia will receive citizenship if one of the parents is [...]

Benefits of Australian Citizenship2022-06-04T16:17:41+05:30

How to find a Job in Australia?


The primary task for new immigrants to Australia is to find a job in their own field.  Before applying for a job, it is important to know about the possibilities and how to apply. 1. Select the Preferred Occupation Firstly, find out which career field has the most potential in Australia. Select the area in which you are interested in working and explore your possibilities in it. To do this, you can discuss it with friends who work in the field and search online. You can work full time, part-time, casual or on contract as per your convenience. Find out which [...]

How to find a Job in Australia?2022-05-18T14:36:45+05:30

Skilled Visas to Australia Increased


The Federal Government has announced in the budget that there will be an increase in Skilled Visas to Australia, which got dropped due to the Covid crisis. Total migration to Australia has fallen sharply in recent years due to Covid restrictions. Treasurer Josh Friedenberg said in the budget that this would change. By 2022-23, 160,000 people will have the opportunity to come to Australia as permanent migrants. This limit has not changed compared to the previous year. However, the quota for various visas has been changed within this limit. The government has said it will give more opportunities to those on [...]

Skilled Visas to Australia Increased2022-03-30T12:22:34+05:30

Australian Borders Reopened to the Rest of the World


Australian borders reopened after two years of restrictions. Everyone, including those on visitor visas, can travel to Australia from now.     Australian borders reopened.  Tourists waiting to enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches and inland drive can now travel without any restrictions. Please pack your bags. Don't forget to have cash on hand because there are so many places to spend it This was the message from the Australian Prime Minister to the tourists coming from abroad. Although there are still a number of airlines available, entry was restricted to Australians and those with special conditions. It was the beginning of [...]

Australian Borders Reopened to the Rest of the World2022-02-22T17:04:44+05:30

Best Visas to Work in Australia


There are visas specifically for work in Australia such as Employer-sponsored visas as well as visas for other purposes, but grant you work rights.   Here we are going to explore the top five visas which allow you to work in Australia and what are their benefits & disadvantages. Working Holiday Visa The working holiday visa is limited to countries in which Australia holds an agreement so you have to be lucky enough to hold a passport from the eligible countries. These agreements are reciprocal and Australians can likewise visit & work in eligible countries on the relevant working holiday visas. [...]

Best Visas to Work in Australia2022-01-27T17:52:46+05:30

Choose the Best State to Study in Australia


Let’s look at each Australian state from the perspective of students looking for the state to study in Australia that will give them the most benefit to apply for a residency visa in Australia.   Australian Capital Territory:-   The Australian Capital Territory gives you access to sponsorship via its Canberra matrix system. It has no graduate pathway for international students. Benefits of studying in Canberra? Only through Canberra matrix points depending upon how many years you have studied in the state. Points for study at ACT tertiary institution: - 1 academic year – 5 points - 2 academic year – [...]

Choose the Best State to Study in Australia2022-01-13T13:14:44+05:30

Australian Borders Opening Tomorrow


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the Australian Borders opening tomorrow. With this, he said, International Students and Skilled visa holders can start arriving. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that the country's border will be opened tomorrow in line with the Australian government's current announcement. The Australian borders opening has been postponed for two weeks in the wake of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. The decision to open the border on December 1 was postponed to December 15. Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Monday that he would go ahead with the decision to open the border on December [...]

Australian Borders Opening Tomorrow2021-12-14T16:26:37+05:30

Who can arrive in Australia from December 15?


The Government has announced that visa holders will be able to travel to Australia from December 15. Know more about who can arrive in Australia when the border opens.   The opening of the Australian border has been postponed due to the Omicron virus. But the federal government now guarantees that it will not extend beyond December 15. International students and those on skilled visas will be allowed to apply from December 15. It has now been announced that entry will be granted to holders of a total of 42 visa subclasses Access is already open to Australian citizens, residents, and [...]

Who can arrive in Australia from December 15?2021-12-06T16:18:06+05:30

Is it still too late to open the Australian Border? Update from Officials


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the Australian Border opening has been postponed to prevent Australia from going back to the lockdowns. Also said this is only a temporary measure and the border is expected to open by December 15.   The Australian border opening has been postponed for two weeks following the confirmation of the Omicron covid virus outbreak in Australia. The decision to open the country's borders on December 1 was postponed for 14 days. The borders will be reopened on December 15. It affects many people, including international students, skilled immigrants, and those on provisional family visas. It [...]

Is it still too late to open the Australian Border? Update from Officials2021-12-01T17:04:32+05:30
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