Australia to increase the number of  Skilled Visas from 79,600 to 1,42,400 this year.

Skilled Visas


The Federal Government has just announced that total immigration to Australia will increase from 1,60,000 to 1,95,000 this year. In this, the number of skilled visas will increase from 79,600 to 1,42,400 in the federal budget. Advertisement These include Employee Sponsored, Skilled Independent, Regional, and State Territory Nominated visas.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers also said that the number of parent visas would be increased. The number of parent visas will be increased from 4,500 to 8,500 this year.

There is no cap on partner and child visas. The government has stated that it will be given according to the need.

The Prime Minister had earlier announced that he would spend $36.1 million to hire more staff with the aim of reducing delays in granting visas. The budget also decided to restore the financial assistance that was cut by the previous government. The Home Office will receive $576 million to address visa delays. It is for a period of four years. But the new amount is $300 million less than the amount made available in March.

Meanwhile, independent economist Chris Richardson has assessed that immigration only makes Australia bigger, not necessarily better. It is estimated that the expansion of immigration will bring millions of dollars in taxes to the country.

The immigration policy change is estimated to generate an additional $935 million in tax revenue over the next four years. Of this, $487 million will be spent on schools and language programs, according to estimates.