Australian borders reopened after two years of restrictions. Everyone, including those on visitor visas, can travel to Australia from now.


Borders Reopened


Australian borders reopened.  Tourists waiting to enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches and inland drive can now travel without any restrictions.

Please pack your bags. Don’t forget to have cash on hand because there are so many places to spend it

This was the message from the Australian Prime Minister to the tourists coming from abroad.

Although there are still a number of airlines available, entry was restricted to Australians and those with special conditions.
It was the beginning of the world’s toughest and longest border controls. The Australian border was closed in March 2020 after the Covid outbreak was declared a global epidemic.

Australian Citizens, PR Visa, Student Visas, and Temporary Visas holders were allowed to enter Australia from December 2021. The federal government has announced that the country’s borders will be open to the public from now, as the Omicron scare subsides and vaccination rates rise as expected.

The first flight with tourists arrived in Sydney. When the flight from Los Angeles arrived at Sydney Airport at 6 am, a festive reception was arranged for the passengers.
On the first day, 54 flights arrived in the country. Although this is far from the case before Covid, Prime Minister Scott Morrison hopes the situation will improve soon.

The tourism sector receives $ 4 billion a month from the influx of foreign tourists. According to government figures, the tourism sector contributed $ 60 billion to the Australian economy in 2018-19. The sector employs over 6,50,000 people.
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