The Federal Government has announced in the budget that there will be an increase in Skilled Visas to Australia, which got dropped due to the Covid crisis.

Skilled Visas to Australia

Total migration to Australia has fallen sharply in recent years due to Covid restrictions. Treasurer Josh Friedenberg said in the budget that this would change. By 2022-23, 160,000 people will have the opportunity to come to Australia as permanent migrants. This limit has not changed compared to the previous year. However, the quota for various visas has been changed within this limit. The government has said it will give more opportunities to those on skilled visas again.

1,09,900 people will be able to immigrate to Australia on skilled visas

When family stream visas were increased in the last budget, the chances of those on skilled visas were reduced. Only 79,600 skilled visas were announced in last year’s budget.

However, the government has stated that the number of applications for family stream visas is very low and that this will allow skilled visa holders to apply again

Of the total 1,09,900 skilled visas issued, 30,000 will be employer-sponsored visas. 16,652 Skilled Independent visas will be issued. The number of state and territory nominated visas has been increased to 20,000.

One category that has benefited the most is regional skilled visas.

The number of regional visas has been increased to more than 25,000

50,000 visas will be issued in the family stream next year. Of these, 40,500 are partner visas, 3,000 are child visas and 6,000 are parent visas.

In 2020-21, total migration to Australia was declined. However, the borders are reopened and the budget estimates that net migration will increase to 41,000 in 2021-22 and 2,13,000 in 2023-24.