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Don’t be threatened by your employer, they can’t cancel your Australian Visa. If you believe you’re being underpaid or mistreated, contact the department of home affairs or Fairwork Ombudsman Australia for help. All the skilled migrants, visa holders including temporary visa holders own the same work rights as others in Australia.

Please check what one should know after entering Australia:

  • Visa Applied
  • Pay and Conditions
  • Help with workplace issues

If the migrants face any problem at work, the person can directly contact Fairwork Ombudsman anonymously in their language that can be translated into multiple languages.

Australian Visa Applied

Every migrant must know the rules of visas they have applied. Some visas can have some limitations on the type of work to do in Australia. Some visas have limitations on working hours.

A MARA Registered Immigration specialist can give you information about:

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  • Visa Subclass to apply for
  • Rights and Responsibilities under visa applied
  • How to cancel or change visa.
  • How to apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

Visa Protections

The only authority who can refuse or cancel your visa is the department of home affairs. No other can cancel the visa even if they are employers. If a migrant with temporary Australian Visa with work rights and have not gathered with their visa conditions because of misuse in the workplace, the department of home affairs will not cancel or remove you from Australia, if you have:

  • Sought advice or assistance from registered authority
  • Not complied with work related conditions only and there is no other basis for visa cancellation
  • Committed to abiding by visa conditions in the future

Paid Sponsorship

It is clearly illegal for anyone to ask for payment or other mode of benefit in return for visa sponsorship. Example of this includes:

An employer makes someone pay them money in exchange for sponsoring them on a 457 visa

An employer makes someone pay back some of their pay each week in exchange for a visa

Pay and Conditions

Depend on the work of employees, there are minimum salaries they have to be paid. Migrants can use a pay calculator so that they will get awareness about the minimum salary to be paid for their job.

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