Global Talent Program

The Government of Australia progressing to target its skilled migration scheme with a new action called Global Talent Program. This Program creates openings for Australians and overseas skilled migrants by developing skills and ideas. As a result, many job openings will be created.

By spending almost $12.9 million to the program that will enhance the capability of Australia to challenge the brilliant and best-skilled workers throughout the globe.

The home affairs department will be charged with analyzing and selecting the brilliant from throughout the globe by focusing and campaigning in Austalia and overseas.

Mr.David Colemon, the Immigration and Citizenship minister announced that Australia has to undertake the challenge for and invite skilled migrants with start-up ideas therefore, Australia can ensure its financial stability.

Focusing Departments

  • Space and Advanced Technology
  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Information, advanced digital, Data Science and ICT.
  • Med Tech
  • Ag Tech

Words from Immigration and Citizenship Minister

Thanks to Australia’s safety, economic stability and wealth of opportunity we already have a strong reputation for attracting high caliber migrants. The Global talent initiatiative will allow us to continue to proactively attract the top talent we need.

Five thousand places will be set aside each year under the Global Talent Program. These will be available for truly exceptional people and their families to migrate to Australia.

Above all, as per the reports from the Prime Minister’s Office, many regional areas including Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, and Gold Coast are looking for skilled workers as part of Regional Migration. Hence to know more about Australia’s newly introduced regional migration, please check out our previous article on Regional Areas looking for Skilled Workers