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International Students can return to Queensland from January


The Government has announced that International students abroad can return to Queensland from January. It has been more than a year and a half since Australia closed its international border. Australia plans to open the border in December. Many international students have been stranded abroad since the border was closed last March. There are more than 20,000 students enrolled in universities in Queensland alone. These students from more than 160 countries are studying online. Queensland offers admission to international students, giving them hope. International students will be able to return to the state from January 2022. Preference will be given to [...]

International Students can return to Queensland from January2021-10-26T16:24:16+05:30

Covid Vaccine distribution begins in Australia


The first dose of Covid Vaccine has been distributed in Australia. The 85-year-old survivor of World War II received her first dose of Vaccine in the country Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison receiving Covid Vaccine   The first dose of Covid Vaccine was delivered Sunday morning at Castle Hill Medical Center in Sydney. The first dose was received on Sunday by dignitaries, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, to boost confidence in the vaccination program, which is set to begin on Monday. The first dose was taken by Jane Malisi, 85, a World War II survivor. Prime Minister Scott Morrison [...]

Covid Vaccine distribution begins in Australia2021-02-22T17:01:32+05:30

Australia still calling Migrants, Federal Budget 2020-21


  The migration intake for the year 2020/21 is set to remain at 1,60,000. Even though there is no drop down in the maximum capacity. Josh Frydenberg, the treasurer of Australia revealed the most awaited Federal Budget of Australia in recent times. Visa charges will be refunded Visa Charges will be refunded to certain Visa holders unable to enter Australia due to the travel ban. Visa Holders Eligible for refund Prospective marriage 300 visas. Pacific Labour Scheme Seasonal worker Program. More Allocation for Family Visas More allocations will be given to the Family Stream Visas which is 160% more than the previous [...]

Australia still calling Migrants, Federal Budget 2020-212020-10-08T12:50:17+05:30

Australia offers free COVID vaccine to all Citizens


Scott Morrison, The Prime Minister of Australia takes a visit to AstraZeneca laboratories in Sydney's Macquarie Park on Wednesday The Government of Australia secured a new deal that provides a free dose of COVID vaccine for every Australian by manufacturing a minimum of 2 billion doses. The deal is secured with AstraZeneca.  A British based firm and the firm is in the process of developing the COVID vaccine in partnership with oxford university. As per the new deal government of Australia can manufacture and develop the vaccine and distribute free doses to all Australian citizens.     The oxford [...]

Australia offers free COVID vaccine to all Citizens2020-08-21T10:18:03+05:30

Why the COVIDSafe app is so important?


The COVIDSafe app plays a critical role in tracing people and contacting them immediately who are uncovered to Coronavirus   About the app The main objective of the COVIDSafe app is to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Operating in effective way we can find and contain the disruption for the spread of COVID-19 which means the Govt. can make a relax on restrictions by keeping Australia secured. The application supports the territory and state officials to immediately contact people who are exposed to COVID-19. Also, the COVIDsafe app can trace the close contacts of COVID-19. The COVIDSafe app accelerates the present [...]

Why the COVIDSafe app is so important?2020-05-09T10:22:36+05:30
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