Federal Budget


The migration intake for the year 2020/21 is set to remain at 1,60,000. Even though there is no drop down in the maximum capacity. Josh Frydenberg, the treasurer of Australia revealed the most awaited Federal Budget of Australia in recent times.

  • Visa charges will be refunded

Visa Charges will be refunded to certain Visa holders unable to enter Australia due to the travel ban.

  • Visa Holders Eligible for refund
  1. Prospective marriage 300 visas.
  2. Pacific Labour Scheme
  3. Seasonal worker Program.
  • More Allocation for Family Visas

More allocations will be given to the Family Stream Visas which is 160% more than the previous allocations increasing from  47,732 places up to 77,300 places.

  • Temporary Skilled work visas and visitor visa holders will be given a VAC (Visa Application Charge) wavier for next.

Temporary skilled work visa holders and visitor visa holders will not be eligible for the refund instead, there will wavier for the Visa Application Charge when you apply for the next time to travel to Australia

Working Holiday 417/462 visa holders also will be given a wavier on VAC and will be allowed to work  Volunteer disaster recovery work and  Construction jobs.

  • Tax Cuts

One of the biggest actions of this Federal Budget is that there will be a tax cut for 11 million Australians. This will be a relief for low and middle-class families.

  • The Jobmaker Program

JobMaker hiring credit which was recently introduced by the Australian Govt. should benefit job seekers by creating around 4,50,000. There will be a 50% subsidy offered by the government for all businesses that can take new apprentices between the 5th of October 2020 and the 30th of September 2021.
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