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The Government of Australia has launched two new regional skilled provisional visas as part of Regional Migration to fill labor shortages across regional Australia. The visas are available for skilled migrants and their families who want to contribute to local communities and live work in regional Australia.

Regional Migration

The Government of Australia declared the changes to Australia’s immigration program to enhance its economy and promote its regional areas.

Major Immigration Changes

  • Two new skilled regional provisional visas that provide a pathway to permanent residence.
  • New skilled regional permanent resident visa
  • A refined definition of ‘Regional Australia‘ for migration purpose
  • Additional points under the skilled migration point test for skilled migrants nominated  to live and work in regional Australia
  • More options for international students who graduate from regional universities.

These immigration changes will boost local communities and regional business develope obtaining the proper skills into the appropriate regions.

The Government of Australia works intimately with local governments and local communities to bring more migrants to regional areas. A wide range of occupations are available to those skilled migrants who decided to stay in regional Australia depending upon their experience, qualification, and skills.

Newly Introduced Regional Visas (Skilled)

Two new skilled regional provisional visas have been introduced for the applications on 16th November.

    • Skilled work regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491) for people nominated by a star or territory government or sponsored by an eligible family member to live and work in regional Australia
    • Skilled employer sponsored regional (provisional) visa (subclass 494) for people sponsored by an employer in regional Australia.

The migrants owing new skilled provisional visas should prove that they have stayed and worked in regional areas in order to become eligible for permanent residence.

Under these modifications, regional employers will have entries to

  • More regional occupations to sponsor migrants to work in regional Australia
  • Priority processing of regional visa applications
  • Additional points for certain points tested migrants who are sponsored to settle in regional Australia.

Eligible regional Areas

Major cities including Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart, and Perth are under regional areas. All the locations outside Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are labeled as designated regional areas.

Nominated Regional Areas

Nominated Regional areas are categorized into two sections:

  • Cities and major regional centres
  • Regional centres and other regional areas

The new skilled regional visa holders are eligible for the Medicare Coverage which is considered as the great advantage of newly introduced Visas. Stay updated with us to know about the updated list of occupations that comes under Australia’s new regional program.

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