Immigration reports show that more than 160,000 people received Australian PR between 2020-21. The second-highest number of PR visa holders are from India


Australian PR

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has said that despite border restrictions and delays in issuing visas due to the coronavirus epidemic, more people have been granted Australian PR than expected in 2020-21.

The immigration department estimates that 140,000 people received residency in 2019-20, while 160,052 people received Australian PR in 2020-21.

India is the second-largest recipient of Australian PR in the country. Most are from China.

According to the Department of Immigration, there has been a decline in the Skilled Migrant category if the government has implemented a comprehensive program in the partner visa category during 2020-21.

Abdul Rizvi, former deputy secretary of the immigration department, told that many onshore applicants had been granted visas. He added that the government was able to decide on a number of partner visas that were still pending

Indians have the Second-Highest Number of Immigrants

According to data released on September 21 this year, India has the second-highest number of permanent residency recipients in 2020-21. It is estimated that 21,791 applicants from India received PR visas. 4000 less than the previous year.

Higher rates in the Family Stream

The government issued 77,372 visas in the family stream during 2020-21. Of these, 72,000 were issued partner visas, most of whom were onshore applicants. This is the highest rate of visa issuance in this category in the last 25 years.

Most employers of skilled migration visas are in the employer-sponsored category. Immigration estimates that 23,000 people received permanent residency in the employer-sponsored category, followed by 14,000 in the state and territory nominated category.

Meanwhile, 9,584 PR visas were issued under the Global Talent Scheme during 2020-21.

The government has announced that family and skilled stream PR visas will be issued at the same rate as 2020-21 for 2021-22.