A passport is the most important identity document of an Australian citizen. What if it is lost and How do get a new Australian Passport?  Let’s discuss it.

Australian Passport

A passport is the most valuable identity document of a citizen. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it safe. If you have lost your passport as the most valuable form of identification of an Australian citizen, you should contact the Australian Passport Information Service immediately. If you have lost your passport from another foreign country, you can contact the nearest Australian Embassy, ​​High Commission, or Consulate. It is more likely that your passport will be misused if it is stolen or obtained by someone else. So one can contact the local police himself.

Remember, intentional destruction of an Australian Passport is a serious offense. If you have lost your passport, you will need to contact 131232 immediately

By doing so, the Department of Foreign Affairs will immediately revoke the passport to prevent it from being misused. However, even if the missing canceled passport is later found, it is not allowed to travel with it. If you travel with such a canceled passport, the Border Force authorities may forbid you to travel at the airport.

How to get a new passport?

If you have lost your passport, you will need to apply for a new passport. Proof of Australian citizenship must be submitted with the application. The fee for applying for a normal passport also applies in this case, and an overseas surcharge may be levied. What must be done if anyone continues to lose the passport? An Australian passport is usually issued for a period of ten years, but if you lose your passport twice, you will only be issued a new passport for a period of five years.
At the same time, if the passport is lost three or more times, a new passport will be issued for a period of only two years.

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