Finally, the wait is over. Australian border will open next month and Australian citizens & Permanent Residents will be able to travel abroad and back from November. The seven-day home quarantine applies to those who have received two doses of the vaccine.


Australian Border

Overseas travel will be possible from next month for those in states and territories where the vaccination rate has passed 80%. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that those preparing to travel abroad need an internationally approved vaccination document. The Prime Minister added that the opening of the Australian border in different states will take place at different times as the 80% vaccination rate will be completed at different times. 

PM said foreign travel would initially be possible for those in the state of New South Wales. He also added the seven-day home quarantine project, which is being tested in New South Wales and South Australia, will be expanded to other locations later. The Prime Minister said the 14-day quarantine will apply to those who have not been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated in Australia.

PM informed that those who had received the two-dose vaccine approved in Australia would not have restrictions on travel. The Prime Minister said that the TGA has proposed to include the Indian-made Covishield and the Chinese-made Sinovac vaccine in the list of approved vaccines for travel purposes.

There will be no restrictions on foreign travel for those who have received the two-dose vaccine in the event of a travel permit issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. Officials said children under the age of 12 who could not be vaccinated and those who could not be vaccinated due to health reasons were considered to have been vaccinated for travel. This applies to Australian citizens and permanent residents. Further discussions were underway on those with other visas and those who have not been vaccinated.

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