Subclass 491

The Department of Home Affairs revealed transitional arrangements for replacing subclass 489 with subclass 491 Visa.

15th November 2019 – Invited applicant can lodge their visa on or before 15th November. Subclass 489 was ceased and through the immigration portal, no further lodgements can be made.

16th November 2019 – New points test will be introduced and migrants will be able to lodge EOIs for the subclass 491.

16th November 2022 – Subclass 191 will be introduced. Applicants with subclass 491 Visa will be allowed to apply for their Permanent Residency.

Note:- Applicants who have lodged EOIs for the Subclasses 189 & 190 will not be affected during the changing process and can be issued invitations.

Please proceed with your Immigration process only through Australian Govt. Mara Registered Specialists. To know how to find an Australian Govt. MARA registered Immigration Specialist please read our previous blog.

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