Many people are reportedly moving to the countryside from major Australian cities. Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that as of last September, more than 7,000 people had opted for the countryside for Permanent Residence.

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Australian countryside

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 11,000 people from the Australian capital have chosen the countryside  for permanent residence. As of last September, so many people had left the big cities and moved to the suburbs. Sea Change coach Caroline Cameron said people from different communities choose the countryside for permanent residence and to live in.
Mr. Cameron said the change was due to lower house prices, different living conditions and job opportunities.

Queensland has the highest number of people opting for permanent residence compared to other states and territories
About 7,200 people moved to Queensland at the end of the September quarter, when the covid crisis hit.

According to REA Insights, between April and October last year, more than 130 percent of people in Queensland were involved in home buying. It said most of the inquiries were from VictoriaThose moving from cities to the hinterlands need to gather more information about these areas. Cameron says he therefore needs to do more research on where he intends to stay to select a suitable location.If anyone is unable to visit the intended place of residence directly due to the covid travel ban, he can contact the local information center or council for assistance in liaising with residents in these areas.

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