Most In-demand jobs in Australia that can lead you to get Permanent Residency


Jobs in Australia


The Govt. of Australia declared a reduction of 30000 to the intake of its permanent migration in a year, which was almost around 1,90,000 for the major part of the last decade. The Government of Australia announced that the newly updated set of the number ie, 1,60,000 will be continued for the next years. Despite of this, Australia launched one of the smart immigration programs in the world that completely depend upon the required skills of the Australian economy.

The main concern of the migration aspirants is about the skilled independent visa that allows the people to stay and work in any region of Australia. The number of regions belongs to this category of visa has been reduced to nearly 18,652 from 44,000.

For this visa, the demand far exceeds the supply and what it has done is that the points requirement in some occupations, such as accountants and IT, has gone through the roof

However, as per the reports published on the website of the Department of Home Affairs declared that to apply for a subclass 189 visa accountant currently needs 100 points and in case IT and other few engineering professionals require 95 points to get invited and lodge the application.

Top in-demand jobs with less competition

The skills that that comes under most in-demand jobs in Australia are Electricians, Motor Mechanics, Carpenters, Nurses, Secondary school teachers, metal fitters, and joiners. The skilled stream includes skilled independent, territory sponsored, skilled regional, employer-sponsored categories. If the applicant applied under a skilled independent category then no requirement for any nomination including employ or state nomination and they can stay and work anywhere in Australia.

Countries like India are fueling Australia’s immigration intake but those engaged in such occupations in India wouldn’t have the requisite qualifications and English language proficiency that’s mandatory for a permanent visa in Australia

To know more about Australia’s in-demand Occupation List under MLTSl and STSOL please check our website page. Many employers in rural and regional areas of Australia have to depend upon overseas employees to run their ongoing business. Last week  Australian Government made a positive flexible change in age and English score for abroad workers in horticulture and agricultural industry that promote many skilled laborers to fill occupation gaps including mechanics, heavy truck drivers, and forklift drivers.