Let’s look at each Australian state from the perspective of students looking for the state to study in Australia that will give them the most benefit to apply for a residency visa in Australia.

Study in Australia


Australian Capital Territory:-


  • The Australian Capital Territory gives you access to sponsorship via its Canberra matrix system.
  • It has no graduate pathway for international students.
  • Benefits of studying in Canberra? Only through Canberra matrix points depending upon how many years you have studied in the state.
  • Points for study at ACT tertiary institution:
    – 1 academic year – 5 points
    – 2 academic year – 10 points
    – 3 academic year – 15 points
    – 4 academic year – 20 points
  • The ACT has a history of changing its critical occupation list.
  • Most people need to have an occupation on this list and reach the points level where they may have a chance of being selected.

New South Wales


If you choose to study in New South Wales you need to be sure

  • The study must be in a regional area that is outside of Sydney.
  • You may obtain 491 visa nominations after 2 years of regional NSW study.
  • This falls under stream 2 of NSW 491 nomination requirements.
  • You must meet NSW’s nomination requirements for stream 2.
  • NSW does not offer nominations for a full range of eligible occupations.


  • Queensland has few benefits if you have studied there unless you completed a Ph.D.
  • If you study for your Ph.D. in QLD you may be nominated for permanent residency via the 190 visas.
  • Those with other QLD qualifications may only access the 491 visas.
  • You must complete a minimum of 2 years of study and have worked in your nominated occupation for at least 3 months.


Northern Territory


  • If you study at Charles Darwin, the only CRICOS registered university in the Northern Territory(NT), you can access 190 visa nominations.
  • You have a reasonably good chance of being sponsored for the 190 visas after living a further six months after your course in the Northern Territory.
  • You must demonstrate genuine and sustained efforts to obtain employment from an NT employer in your nominated or a closely related skilled occupation.
  • It also offers sponsorships for the full range of occupations.
  • If rules change, traditional arrangements are made so that students are not adversely affected.




  • Tasmania has a graduate pathway for both 190 visas and 491 visa nominations.TAS has a history of providing clear and transparent guidelines and of providing transitional arrangements should,  rules are amended.
  • TAS has a track record in nominating those who study higher education courses of their only university, the University of Tasmania.
  • If you only have, year of study under a vocational education provider, the competition is too high and many such applicational do not get nominated.
  • If you are working in a TAS critical skill shortage sector, your chance at nomination improves significantly.
  • Full range of occupations available.


South Australia

South Australia is Keen to get international students back to their state and while they do offer a full range of occupations. Each occupation has different requirements.

  • South Australia does offer a graduate sponsorship pathway to students who study just one year.
  • Certain qualification levels such as a bachelor’s degree or higher can gain nomination easier however it depends on the occupation.



  • Victoria offers few benefits to its students and Victoria has no graduate pathway.

Western Australia

  • Western Australia has a graduate pathway for those who study for at least 2 years in Western Australia.

Which states are better for students looking to stay ?

Study in Australia


  • Victoria has a very short pathway for international students .
  • New South Wales requires 2 year of study in regional New South Wales.
  • Queensland has very limited benefits for its students. Only beneficial if you do a PhD or believe you can get a job in your nominated occupation post qualification.
  • Western Australia is better Than the previous 3 state but do not enough to be seriously considered as a reliable option.
  • Australia Capital Territory provide benefits via points on the Canberra matrix point system . However, their skills list is small and it has the history of changing  occupation.

So that leaves South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory are the best  3 places to study in Australia

Choose our career wisely if you need any assistance we are here to help. This has been a simplified comparison based on the current situation and your situation may have many factor to consider.

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