This Year, half of the Australian immigrant visas are reserved for family stream visas. Know which visas are available and how long you have to wait for each visa to bring your family to Australia

Family to Australia

All Australian migrants face the same dilemma now.  The possibility to go home and see their family or relatives and thinking about how to bring the family to Australia? But everyone hopes the borders will open soon. What is the best way to bring your Family to Australia? Australia issues various family stream visas. About half of this has shifted to the family stream. But do you know how easy it is to get it? That is what we are briefing now.

As of last year, the government has announced 160,000 immigrant visas for 2021-22. But only one change is that about half of this is set aside for family stream visas. 77,300 visas have been transferred to the family stream. Out of that 72,300 visas, are partner visas. The government has set aside 4,500 parent visas and 500 other visas. Those who are married or have a life partner as an Australian citizen or permanent resident are eligible for a partner visa. But the Department of Immigration is examining how strong this relationship is. While some of the applications for partner visas are directly permanent, some applications are in two stages. Now let’s look at another visa, Parent visa is for bringing parents to Australia. The most basic component of this is the Balance of family test.
It is a matter of whether at least half of the children are Australian citizens or permanent residents. The new visa introduced in 2019 is the Subclass 870 Sponsored parent temporary visa.
Those who fail the Balance of Family test will also get it. The visa is valid for three years or five years. There are 6 visa categories available for those who pass the Balance of Family Test. It depends on a person’s financial status, current status in Australia or abroad, and age. In some cases, a visa can be obtained to bring other family members
If a person with a health problem does not receive the care they need through the Australian health system or anyone else here, a relative can be sponsored as a carer.
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