Check out what are the Benefits of Australian Citizenship

Benefits of Australian Passport

Who can become an Australian citizen?  What are the benefits of Australian Citizenship? These are the basic qualifications for obtaining Australian citizenship.

  • Must have lived in Australia for four consecutive years.
  • This requires a one-year permanent residency visa.
  • Must comply with Australian laws and values.
  • Must pass the citizenship exam.
  • Must pass character inspection including police clearance.

These are the ways for immigrants to get citizenship. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use:

  • A child born in Australia will receive citizenship if one of the parents is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Children born abroad can also be granted citizenship if at least one of their parents is an Australian citizen.
  • However, a child born abroad will not be able to obtain citizenship if both parents are on a permanent residency visa.
  • A separate application must be submitted for the permanent residency of this child.
  • The spouse of an Australian citizen does not receive direct citizenship.

All other criteria for obtaining citizenship must be met. For more details visit

You can come to Australia at any time

Australian Citizenship

Permanent Residency visa holders can live in Australia for any length of time. But if you want to travel abroad, you need to get a resident return visa every five years.

Residents are required to have lived in Australia for a fixed number of years every five years in order to obtain a return visa. That is, you cannot apply for a resident return visa after living abroad for three or four years.

But once you get citizenship then this problem no longer exists. You can visit abroad at any time and return to Australia. You have the right to return to Australia no matter how long you have lived abroad.

Priority is also given when arriving in Australia. Long queues at the immigration counter can be avoided. Holders of Australian passports can quickly complete the process using the Arrivals Smart Gate system.

Australian Government Assistance While Abroad

Australian Foreign Ministry (DFAT) will provide consular assistance to Australian citizens around the world. If you encounter accidents or other unforeseen crises while abroad, you can contact the Australian Consulate in that country. 

Even during the covid crisis, the Australian Government provided citizens with the cost of airfare to return home.

There is a dedicated Consular Emergency Center under the DFAT to ensure 24 hours emergency consular service for expatriates.

These are the conditions under which the service of this center is available:

  • In the event of an accident abroad, serious illness, or hospitalization.
  • In case of serious crime in a foreign country.
  • If you are arrested abroad. You are obligated to obey the laws of that country. But the Australian government will make sure you get legal help.
  • Situations such as wars, natural disasters, and riots.
  • In case your passport is stolen or lost. (Fee is applicable).
  • In case of emergency, a small loan will be given.
  • Provide information on physicians, lawyers, and translators who can be reached where needed.

At the same time, there are clear restrictions and restrictions on Australian government intervention in foreign countries. Details are available at DFAT.

Jobs in Government and Army

PR visa holders can apply for most jobs in Australia. But citizenship is mandatory for some jobs.

Here are some of them:

  • Australian Army.
  • Australian Federal Police.
  • Australian Border Force.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Commerce (DFAT).

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