Beware of Unregistered or Fraudulent Migration Consultants. In light of the recent visa scandal that featured on Carte Blanche detailing the unethical practices of a certain “immigration and visa firm”, now more than ever it is vital for potential migrants to protect their interests as well as their family’s, by making sure that they choose a registered migration agent for professional advice and assistance. By law, any migration agent operating in Australia and giving advice and assistance on the Australian visa application process must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). Australian registered migration agents are bound to a code of conduct that sets out the ethical and professional standards that they must adhere to. Migration agents that have offices in Australia but are not registered or do not abide by these standards can face serious legal penalties. If you are based in the overseas, then ensure the following : – No Company can be called or registered as an Australian Registered Migration Agents. – If you find a Consultant doing migration advice to more than one country then that itself is an indication that they are not solely licensed rather it’s a business consultant. – Ensure that your client engagement contract is duly signed by an Australian RMA in order to be protected as per the Australian Law. These agencies exist solely to make a profit and try to cover themselves by telling disgruntled applicants that what they are charging for is an ‘advisory service’, regardless of whether they are successful or not. The fact of the matter is that they are not abiding by the code of conduct that requires migration agents to operate in the best interests of their clients – which is what OMARA sets out to promote in order to maintain the integrity of the industry. To protect yourself from being caught out by fraudulent operators, it is worthwhile to do your homework in advance to make sure that you receive the right advice and professional service that you deserve. Aives Australia, is a renowned Australian Immigration firm with a team of prominent Australian immigration law experts, settlement counselors, and qualified advocates to provide advise and professional representation on immigration matters for Australia. Our Senior RMA Mr. Rasheed Backer RMA and associate Mr. Hiyas Backer RMA have more than 25 years of combined practice expertise on immigration matters for Australia. When you appoint Aives Australia, you will have the advantage of directly dealing with your Australian immigration specialist licensed by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, Australia.

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