Two Australian women including a 30-year-old Australian citizen and a 32-year-old permanent resident who is a Chinese national, have been convicted to restrictive bonds after supplicating guilty to many offends against the Australian migration act. ABF ( Australian Border Force ) officers initiated an investigation into the women in October 2018 just after it was recorded they are not registered with MARA and illegally provided immigration assistance to a huge number of clients especially Chinese nationals.

Case examination declared that both the women were not MARA registered immigration agents and the frequently provided immigration advice and assistance advertising that they are authorized for an Australian immigration process. Minimum 3 travelers were caught identifying fake document who was advised by these fake immigration agents.

For illegal assistance, both of the ladies charged processing fees ranging from $ 1,500 to $ $ 2,000.

The Chinese national 32-year old women supplicated guilty to two offends.

Charging fees for immigration assistance contrary to section 28(1) of migration act 1958 (Cth)

The false representation that a person is a registered migration ( MARA ) agent contrary to section 283(1) of the migration act 1958 (Cth)

The Chinese lady was convicted of a good-behavior bond of two years.

ABF Commander Announcement

Graeme Grosse, the ABF commander said that the Australian Border Force is aiming unregistered immigration agents giving illegal immigration assistance and advice.

It is unlawful to charge a fee when providing immigration assistance in Australia unless you are registered with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority ( MARA )

Protection visas are for people who are genuinely seeking protection due to a well-founded fear of persecution, or if there is a real risk they will suffer significant harm if they return to their home country.


Migrants who don’t have a valid Australian visa and resistant to go voluntarily may be facing immigration detention and deportation from Australia. You help to secure the country’s border by informing doubtful activities. To find a MARA registered Immigration Specialist check our page.