regional visas

International Students and New Migrants can explore Regional visas in an effective way

The Federal Govt. of Australia has recently launched new regional visas and modified a few visa rules. How these changes can handle by the new applicants?

For new skilled migrants and students, it doesn’t matter if they migrate to regional or metro cities; all they want is migrate to Australia

However, for onshore students who have studied, worked part-time and lived in metro cities, there certainly is an initial reluctance to migrate to regional cities. But  there are benefits in moving to regional areas.

The Federal Government of Australia declared in march 2019 that there will be a reduction in intake of permanent resident but the reserved visas for regional visas will increase to  25,000.

These modifications created a golden opportunity for international students.

There are great chances of getting permanent residency for those who are willing to study and work for at least three years in regional areas.

The new students and migrants who are applying offshore don’t care much whether they go to metro or regional cities. All they want is to migrate to Australia.

Many states updated their websites with the skills they required and which are mostly in demand.

For example, Northern territory needs a lot of truck drivers. It has entered a new agreement called DAMA which clearly shows the demand for truckies in the state.

The major jobs that are in high demand in regional areas are Engineering, Nursing, Construction, and Hospitality. There are more benefits for the newly introduced regional visas as compared to the previous subclasses.