Team who kept professional and cool approach to deal with the clients

Subclass 189 – Independent Visa

I would like to thank the entire team of Aives Australia wholeheartedly for the entire time of our 189 visa processing. I also would like to thank especially Mr. Shafeek, Miss Lipsy and his team who have kept his professional and cool approach to deal with his clients. As in this hard time of covid hit, he pushed the home affairs department to look through our application as a priority which eventually they did and got our grant. I would highly recommend my friends and family for Aives Australia’s service. Thank you all from my bottom of my heart


Visa process will go smoothly without any errors

Subclass 100 – Partner Visa

Dear Aives Team, We are thrilled! A grant from AUS PR is the most wonderful experience in a lifetime. I would like to thank the AIVES team again and I am extremely grateful for all their help and support throughout my visa application process. I am ever so grateful. It would not have been possible without your help. Once your team begin the visa process, there is no need to worry about thinking backward and it is less stressful to work with such a professional team. This 100 percent guarantee and assurance of visa processing will ensure that the visa process will go smoothly without any errors. AIVES’ professionalism and friendliness from beginning to end made us feel at home from beginning to end. Our family wanted to let you know how deeply grateful we are and how grateful we are from the bottom of our hearts. Moreover, we wish to express our gratitude to the entire team at AIVES

Talish George

Strong and Professional support

Subclass 155 Resident Return Visa

AIVES helped me in achieving my 189 visa, they also helped me in getting 101 visa for my children and moreover a strong and professional support while my 189 travel facility expired. once again they proved their credibility in getting me the 155 RRV visa. Amazing and friendly, professional service. Best wishes to Mr. Rasheed Backer and team supporting from UAE , India and Melbourne offices. Strongly recommend.!! for sure will reach them in the future for all my Australian Visa services.

Ratheesh Kumar

Professional team of staff delivering quality Australian Immigration services

Parent Visa

We have obtained our Sponsored parent visa through AIVES Australia moreover our two sons were assisted with PR in migrating to Australia. They are a very professional team of staff delivering quality Australian Immigration services over the years. We would highly recommend AIVES Australia for their Australian Immigration Service

Mathew Thomas

Success Stories

Subclass 100 Partner Visa

Congrats Mrs. Deepthi. Your Partner Visa (subclass 100) has been granted by the Australian Govt. Aives Australia wishes you a hearty congratulations on this pleasant occasion.


Success Stories

Subclass 309

Congrats Geetha!!!. Your application for the partner visa ( subclass 309) visa has been granted by the Government of Australia. Team Aives  Australia wishes you a happy life as you build your new lives together in Australia

Geetha Mallappa

Success Stories

Subclass 491

Subclass 491 Visa

Warmest Congratulations to you Mrs. Valentina! Your #RegionalVisa (#subclass491 ) has been granted by the Australian Govt. May good fortune smile on you as you’re leaving for a new place. #AivesAustralia Wishing you the very best of luck. Go forth and conquer!


They have very knowledgeable MARA registered lawyers

Subclass 491 Regional Visa

I am extremely grateful to Aives for making my Australian dream a reality. I initially started my migration process with a different agency based in Cochin. However my application was refused and I was faced with the possibility of a ban due to the agency’s unprofessional handling of my visa documentation. A friend then recommended that I approach Mr. Hiyas at Aives. They aren’t merely a run of the mill immigration agency. They have very knowledgeable MARA registered lawyers in their office for consultation.The entire process was handled by them in a very professional manner and not only was the issue with my previous application rectified but I also successfully received my SC 491 visa all within a year’s time. A big thank you to the wonderful team at Aives especially Mr. Hiyas, Ms. Dhrisya and Mr. Aziz. I highly recommend Aives to anyone looking to migrate to Australia.

Parvathy Pradeep

I’m indeed happy to recommend Aives Australia

I’m indeed happy to recommend Aives Australia to those who like to migrate to Australia . Such a helpful and supportive team. They had taken a great effort in Visa processing for my Visiting and Spouse Visa. Special Thanks to Syed, Lipsy, Drishya, and Shafeek. All the best Team Aives

Partner Visa

Success Stories

Congrats Ms. Angelina Decosta!!! Your Skilled Regional Visa ( Subclass 491) has been granted by the Australian Govt. Thank You so much for trusting Aives Australia to handle your visa application. We wish you all the success in your future life in Australia.

Angelina Dcosta
Regional Visa ( Subclass 491)

Success Stories

Congratulations to Mohamed Ismail for his successful Resident Return (RRV) visa approval of Australia. We are glad to assist him throughout his visa application process. Aives Australia wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.

Mohamed Ismail
Resident Return Visa

Success Stories

It’s Party time Mr. Dane Xan Alex!#AivesAustralia Wishing you many more days of happiness and occasions for celebration, and a lifetime of love and laughter together in Australia.
Another one of our clients enjoys the benefits of choosing AIVES Australian Immigration
Dane Xane Alex
Partner Visa

Thankful for the highly professional service

Dear Aives Team, I am extremely thankful for the highly professional services and guidance to achieve my Australian dream come to true. Without your help, we couldn’t have achieved this milestone in my life. I and my wife once again say thanks for all your support and help in getting granted my Australian SC 309 visa. I would like to say thanks once again to the Aives team. Special thanks to Adv. Jaffin Sir, Adv. Lipsy Gasper Madam, Ms.Dhrisya S, and all other loving Aives team

Talish George
Partner Visa

I recommend AIVES to everyone

Australia Visa

AIVES was always cooperative and responsive to my emails and helped big time till I received the Visa grant even during these tough times in Covid-19 lock downs and closers. I recommend AIVES to everyone who has Migration plans to Australia.

Fares Abbas
Subclass 491 Visa

Well processed by Aives


Australian Visa

We had a great experience associating with Aives for the past three years. Got our PR grant successfully and well processed by Aives. Received necessary advise and help whenever it was required. Thanks Dhrisya S and Lipsy Gasper from Aives Cochin for helping us throughout the process.

Kavitha Prakash
Subclass 100 Visa

Got our PR grant successfully

Australia Visa

We had a great experience associating with Aives for the past three years. Got our PR grant successfully and well processed by Aives.
Received necessary advice and help whenever it was required. Thanks, Dhrisya S and Lipsy Gasper from Aives Cochin for helping us throughout the process.

Santhosh Kumar
Subclass 190 Visa

The partner visa application was of great assistance from starting till the time of the Visa Grant

Australia Visa

The Visa lodging process then, and was helpful throughout the process and I got the PR by September the same year.

As I was not married at the time of PR , I had to apply for partner visa 309 after marriage for my spouse and kid. I had approached AIVES for the same by November 2019.
I was not knowing the partner Visa application is even more complicated than the PR process. It involves far too much documentation. Dhrisya, who was coordinating the partner visa application was of great assistance from starting till the time of the Visa Grant, which I got just after one year of lodgment. Whenever I needed assistance regarding the type of documents required or even the content of the document, Dhrisya and other AIVES staff were very much supportive.

Thanking the Aives staff for all the support provided during the journey of my PR and my partner visa. I would highly recommend AIVES for immigration assistance to Australia

Abhilash Soman
Partner Visa (Subclass 309)

They are a very professional and efficient

Australian Visa

You are looking at two very very happy people, wow, Mary Joy and I still can’t believe the incredible work is done by the Aives team in obtaining a Partner Visa for her so quick, no easy feat, it has been a lot of work on both sides the past 15 months or so but for them to obtain her Permanent Partner Visa in a little over 12 months from submission is truly incredible, I can’t thank them enough for there team effort and a special thanks goes out to Mr. Jaffin Mahmood for his effort. We would highly recommend Avies to anyone, they are a very professional and efficient company and easy to deal with.

Terrence Thorsby

Success Stories

Congratulations Mr.Nijo Joy!!!
We would like to wish you a Happy Settlement in Australia! You’ve acquired a Skilled RegionalVisa Australia Visa
Another one of our clients enjoys the benefits of choosing AIVES Australian Immigration
Nijo Joy

The best in the Industry


Hiyas has been there for us since we first contacted him. He is professional and very genuine in his work. What more to say, hAustralia Visae knows what he is doing!!! Your future is secure in his hands.

Can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given us in securing the visa Hiyas!! You people are the best in the industry!!

Neenu Varghese

The team has been very responsive

I started off my PR process through AIVES team Cochin back in 2017 and everything that was required was well laid out to me by the team. The team has been very responsive and provided updates when requested which helped me to ensure I submitted the required documents without any delay. Special mention of Lipsy Gasper who was my case officer at Aives Cochin who used to be very responsive to my emails requesting an update.
Sidharth Theroth

RRV for the second time

Resident Return Visa for the second time. Yes, Aives made it real. Our legal team had managed to obtain Resident ReturnVisa (RRV) for our client for the second time. though he didn’t meet the criteria at onshore to obtain subclass 155 without exceptional circumstances

Mohammed Ibrahim

Partner Visa (Subclass 309)

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with your best-loved one in your favored country, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. You approached us and we have done the rest. Wishing you a lifetime love and happiness in Australia.

Arya Pradeep

887 Subclass

Mr. James and his family approached our Melbourne office to apply for Subclass887 Visa. Our office welcomed them and we could complete the process on time. Mr.James had a newborn baby during the application process they want to include him as an applicant which was slightly complicated. Our Immigration Specialists started the process with subclass489 and later converted into subclass887. Now the entire family obtained the permanent resident visas under subclass887. Aives Australia wishes you all a successful future in Australia.

James Ignatius

491 Subclass

Congrats Mr. Tijo Jose !!! Here are our best wishes for you to congratulate you on getting Skilled Regional Visa *(491 Subclass)*. We wish you to accomplish many more achievement and let all the joy in this world will be yours.

Tijo Jose
University Lecturer

Wish You All the Success

Congrats Pooja!!! Be with your family and enjoy the delighted Australian Life. Your Partner Visa subclass 309 has been granted by the Australian Govt.

Karnataka - India

Congrats Puru

Congrats Mr. Chokalingam Purushothaman!!! Enjoy the Elegant Australian Life. Your application for Skilled-Regional Sponsored (Subclass 489) Visa has been granted by the Government of Australia. Team Aives Australia wish you a happy life in Australia and let all the happiness in this world will be yours.

Chokalingam Purushothaman
Sales & Marketing Manager

Big Congrats Jyotirmoy

The point of the existence lies in pushing your limitation always; you came to our office with a dream Australia and we made it as reality. Give your best in the future and we wish you make each and every progress in your life. A big congratulation to you for getting an Australian Permanent Resident Visa.

ICT Business Analyst

Success Stories

Congrats Mr.Siddeshwariah!!! Enjoy the Elegant Australian Life. Your application for Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa has been granted by the Government of Australia. Team Aives Australia wish you a happy life in Australia and let all the happiness in this world will be yours.


Success Stories

Congrats Ms.Tintu Kuriyan!!! Enjoy the Elegant Australian Life. Your application for Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa has been granted by the Government of Australia.

Tintu Kurian
Internal Auditor

I appreciate your Exceptional efforts

Quality service and professional documentation. My visa (Subclass-476) wouldn’t be granted without the advocates’ determined attempts. I appreciate your exceptional efforts. Thank you!

Nandu Kalathil

It was a Good Experience

They have been extremely patient with my timings and my tantrums during the VISA process. Thank you for all your support and help. It was a good experience.

Sheetal Pillai
Customer Service Manager - Dubai

We do recommend Aives

Its been a two-year journey with Aives. We probably even started our process only because of the way Mr. Sayed presented the prospects to us. And throughout the way Aives has helped and guided us through each of the steps. Finally, now that the visa has been granted, the final consultation with Mr. Rasheed has been nothing but encouraging. We do recommend Aives to anyone who is looking for help with Australian migration.

Anup John Mani
Production Engineer

“Very Competent Staff”

Bipin Kalathil

Aives has got very competent Staff with very good knowledge of Laws /Rules /Compliance / Regulations around Australia Migration requirements. They are genuine and I recommend anyone to use their Services

Really Satisfactory

Really good staff and especially Aziz explanations for the questions were good. My experience with the AIVES is good and really satisfactory.

Hanumanthe Gowda

Success Stories

Aives Australia congrats you and your family on this superb snapshot of achievement. Good luck to you for your future in #Australia. May your life always give you such cheerful and fruitful moments. However, a lot of success stories yet to come.

Togy Tom Varghese
Accountant - Dubai

Success Stories

Congratz Mr.Mohammed Sohail… We wish you a Happy Life in Australia!!!
Aives Australia has accomplished one of his biggest dreams. Australian PR (Permanent Resident) Visa (Subclass 190) has been granted for him as a result of our professional documentation and dedicated service.

Mohammed Suhail

Thanks Aives

I wholeheartedly Thank AIVES Australia for all the support provided. Your commitment to clients is really commendable. Being a registered MARA agent, AIVES had given me timely updates regarding policy changes and expected lead time for each and every stage of the PR process.

Gopakumar Rajappan
Computer Network & System Engineer

Success Stories

Congratulations to Mr. Asiff Muhammed and Family, for becoming an Australian Citizen. Mr. Asiff is one of our proud clients and migrated through AIVES AUSTRALIA UAE office.

Truly Professional

I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to AIVES Australian Immigration Law Services for making my dream come true. Special thanks to Mr. Rasheed Backer, Mrs. Lipsy Gasper and Mr. Azeez for their guidance and support throughout the PR process. Truly professional. Keep up the good work. Best wishes

Rajesh Rajendran
Mechanical Engineer

ibCongratulations to our Australian Immigration Specialists and Legal Team.

Winning one of the toughest appeal cases we encountered (RRV Complex Appeal from offshore under compelling and compassionate circumstances). One thing is proven that no matter what challenge you encounter in life. You can surely win if you truly devote yourself to the cause.

The client had uncertainty in his life with no country to be permanently settled down (Palestinian), has two beautiful little daughters. They have already invested all the funds into a property in Australia but lost their visas due to some circumstances. Their original RRV petition was refused with no further hope other than the Administrative Appeal Tribunal or Federal Court. Aives Australia delighted that this respected client’s beautiful daughters can now move to Australia with their parents.

Aives Australia is the market leader in the field of Australian Immigration Law Services with more than 25 years of combined practice expertise by our directors Mr. Rasheed Backer RMA and Hiyas Backer RMA.

Mohammed Ibrahim

Its Party Time Lakshmi!!!

It’s Party Time Mr.Shyam Sunder & Mrs.Lakshmi Suryanarayanan!!!
We would like to wish you a Happy Settlement in Australia! You’ve acquired skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa. Now you can enjoy all the benefits that Australia offers for their Permanent Residents.

Lakshmi Suryanarayanan
Computer Network & System Engineer

I strongly suggest

Aives Australia Ebinis a trustworthy and MARA accredited organization that works in an excellent way to make the dream of Immigration a reality for its customers. I was completely satisfied with the services. I take this opportunity to appreciate the AIVES team for their hard work and dedication in their work. The assigning of the legal advisory team made me feel relieved from the worries as there was intimation then and there as the Australian government demands. I strongly suggest AIVES to all those who dream of migration to Australia.
Ebin Stanley
Electrical Engineer

It’s Party Time Mr & Mrs Bibin Joseph

It's party time

It’s Party Time Mr. Bibin Joseph & Mrs. Annie Tina Thomas!!!
We would like to wish you a Happy Settlement in Australia! You’ve acquired skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa. Now you can enjoy all the benefits that Australia offers for their Permanent Residents.
Another one of our clients enjoy the benefits of choosing AIVES Australian Immigration. For more details regarding how to make your immigration dreams come true, contact us!!!

Finally!! We got our PR today!! Thanks a lot to Lipsy and team from AIVES for helping me through out the immigration process. It was a long and tough journey but Lipsy and team helped us a lot in making this a reality. We will always refer Aives for any migration process

Bibin Jose
Kerala, India

Congratz Jayan Jose

Today we got the Australian PR. We are pleased with the great support given by Aives. The documentation was perfect, and we get regular updates on the phone on our visa status, and the Aives people are really willing to give us the answers to our never-ending questions without any hesitation. Without AIVES we couldn’t make it up. EXCELLENT work guys

Jayan Jose
Kerala, India

Handled my case Professionally

My experience with Aives has been excellent. Aives have handled my case professionally from the ACS skill verification to submitting my application for PR. With their support, I was able to get my permanent residency in 3 months after lodging my application. I will recommend Aives to everyone looking for consultants to support their PR process.

Arun Menon
Kerala, India

Aives made it Easy for me

Congratz Manoj

Aives Australia is very professional, and the entire visa process is streamlined and made easy. My case took some extra time as I got married during this and had to add her name as well in the application. Though the process was lengthy for me, I can say honestly Aives made it easy for me. Thank you Lipsy and Aives 👍.

Manoj Mathew
Kerala, India

I am ungrateful to you

Dear Mr. Rasheed, Hi, how are you? I hope you are fine. Well, I apologize for not telling you thanks because you were the person who helped me come to Australia so I feel that I am ungrateful to you as you were handling my case and so I hope that you are not upset from me for that thing. So I was just wondering if you have free time for meeting me in your office for just telling you thanks first and discuss with you some new other cases for friends if you don’t mind so waiting for your response, Thank you so much for your help !!

Milad Bishay
Cairo - Egypt

Follow their emails

Possible from any Corner of the world, follow their emails. The fact is that you can get an Australian based practicing Registered Migration Agent’s service in your village!!. I got my STNI Visa for Victoria!!

Soju Kuriakose
Kerala, India

I highly recommend them

I highly recommend them for their excellent services and support.

Wasim Sadi

Extemporary service

Extemporary service by leadership and the consultants. I was very well guided and supported by the team. I was encouraged yet the risks and benefits were well explained by the team. I would definitely recommend Aives Service. Five of Five from me!. I live in Melbourne now. I moved 3 months back.

Rohith AP
Dubai, UAE

Thanks, team AIVES for your help during this journey.

AIVES was one of 3 certified MARA agents that I have contacted when I made a decision with the family to move to Australia. They have always been professional when guiding me through my application. I had a case with one of my previous employers (can’t share the specifics), but they had the legal solution for that. Price-wise, and considering the service they provide, I felt it was more than reasonable. I worked with Girish closely, and sometimes even ahead of time of our current step, and he used to advise me on the next step and the set of required documents. This helped us lodge my application within 5 days of the day I was invited to submit all paperwork. It is imperative to work with a MARA agent. 2013 to 2015: I was granted PR. By mid-2019, I should be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. Thanks, team AIVES for your help during this journey.

Maher Alaeddine
Dubai, UAE

I have received brilliant service

I highly recommend Aives Australia as a migration consultant. In my experience, I have received brilliant service and expert advice. They guided me well through the painful paperwork to successfully getting the visa. I found them very knowledgable about the entire process. Special thanks to Rasheed Backer and Girish who handled my case. Thank You

Fahad Umer Khan
Dubai- UAE

They have good case officers with good experience, they reply to any question and they know all the requirements

Bilal Sy


Personalized and accurate information at each step of the way. AIVES made our dream to live in Australia possible! Thank you!

Amal Kia
Abu Dhabi, UAE

I would rank AIVES on the top of the list for immigration services through my experience with them. I actually recommended them for my colleagues, friends, and family who most of them became AIVES clients. Great cooperative management and, highly experienced and passionate staff who followed up my case until they made it happened. AIVES staff know-how, assist me a lot for providing the painful documentation. The knowledge for accurate sequences of the procedures and payments, instant responses to correspondences and queries, and positive attitude of AIVES management and staff made my application successful. Girish was my case officer who grasped the PR for me. After the PR grant, AIVES still provides services and advice whenever I request. Thank you AIVES management and staff for all your efforts, wish you progress and prosperity.

Marwan Maqsod Khalil
Mosul, Iraq

I highly recommend Aives Australia as a migration consultant. In my experience, we have received a brilliant service and expert advice. Very grateful and friendly staff. Once again thank you team Aives Australia , for successfully fulfilling our dream

Kevin Bernard
Kerala, India

Dear, Mr. Rasheed and Team, I would like to express my gratitude for the professional immigration assistance provided to me by AIVES Team – especially on my RPL application. As you are aware I am not a Computer Graduate and had no computer qualification other than my long years of professional IT experience. I still could not believe that I got my visa without any formal qualification in IT. I would like to personally thank Rasheed Sir for his excellent support and valuable recommendation. Thanks a ton!! Shantaram More. Network Engineer. Mumbai, India

Shantharam Moore
Mumbai, India


The best immigration consultancy! Highly recommended for all visa services.

Dinesh Naga
Bangalore, India

Awesome team of professionals … providing a reliable source of information, organised framework, and trustworthy advice.

Ahmad Farouk
Dubai, UAE

I worked with LIPSY GASPER from Aives for my Australian PR. She was a thorough professional and guided me through the PR process very openly. Even though I was not in India, there was no problem working with the Aives team. I strongly recommend Aives for all your Australian PR related work…

Ankur Sharma
Haryana, india

Veena was simply awesome, patient in answering my queries. She is highly knowledgeable about the visa rules and handled m case very proficiently. I highly recommend Aives to everyone

Saikat Ghosh

AIVES is very professional and the team has a well defined transparent process and they guide and counsel you step by step. The instructions are very prompt, proactive and clear. I have recent experience with AIVES @ Bangalore and it was fantastic. Great efforts by Azeez and Nadiya.

Great service. Helped us throughout the process and the team was very professional. Veena dealt with our case and the advice we received was clear, concise and efficient (our application was successful). Thank you once again to the whole team.

Rijil Hari
Kerala, India

I had approached AIVES and was provided the best possible advice and assistance. I got my PR in 4 months! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Nitin Bose
Kerala, India

The best professional team in the field of Australian migration.A group of skilled and experienced professionals. Special thanks to Lipsy Gasper for her patience and precise responses to all my queries. She is highly knowledgeable and has made timely interventions with DIPB to accelerate visa processing. Thanks, whole Aives team (Sayed, Azeez…) U people have given wings to ma dream. (PR Visa 189).

Joseph John
Kerala, India

Aives has made our dreams come true. Receiving our PR in just 18 days may be one of the rare record cases in the history of DIBP � We had put lots of effort into this since 7-8 months. There were times we had lost our hopes. But they say Journey is beautiful than the destination and indeed all these 7 to 8 months have become memorable. Lipsy and AIVES became part of our this part of life � Every bit of this journey was made easier and possible to reach our destination by AIVES. Thank you Lipsy, Thank you AIVES. You change people’s lives, you simply make them better 🙂

Kenuete Roshan D'Souza
Mangalore, India

They are the best in their field and I truly thank Hiyas for helping us get our parent Visa. He is very professional and explains things at its best. He took every care in submitting our application and we got the visa in 15 days. He even gave genuine advice regarding my Dentistry field and visa possibilities after my registration. I completely recommend AIVES for any immigration services. They are awesome…

Neenu varghese
Kerala, India

Hi, Rasheed how are you… this is Prasanna from Perth contacting you after a long time. You supported us for 4 years (2007 to 2011)to get our PR. Also, you wisely included my mother along with my application. Now One good news I like to share with you, Recently she has been supported with a special allowance until she gets pension by the center link. It is a great blessing for her from god live with her son in Australia & support in her old age by the Australian government (Now she is 81 years) This is thankless support for me & my family, happened only because of your personal interest & dedication towards every application. We all remember you forever. We are heartily thankful to all Aives family members who worked hard and supported for this cause(Hiyas, Akbar, Nadia, Girish, Azeez & Corazon & all). All of you will be in our hearts forever Regards Prasanna.

Prasanna Nerlige
Bangalore, India

I highly recommend AIVES Australian Immigration Law Services for the people like us considering settling in Australia. You don’t need to worry because you are in safe hands and will get positive results. We found the AIVES team to be friendly, efficient, professional and ultimately successful. We had an initial assessment with Mr. Sayed Bakir and after our case was dealt with by Ms. Veena Rajanan and Mr. Azeez who answered all our questions and concerns in relation to obtain our permanent resident visa (Skilled Independent – subclass 189) in Australia. We thought that the whole visa application process was going to be long and arduous, but Veena and her team did a fantastic job in making the application a lot easier and stress-free for us. Our visa grant came through really quick and we are in Australia now! Thank you so much AIVES!

Deepulal Lalan
Kerala, India

AIVES Australian Immigration Law Services is a “Truly Professional” Agent when it comes to Immigration services i.e. processing of documents starting from Skill Assessment to PR processing. I would like to thank Mr Sayed Bakir who explained the steps and processes and very special thanks to Ms Lipsy Gasper who handled my entire process from Skill Assessment to PR. I would recommend AIVES to all. Thank you AIVES for your support and help.

Ranitha Nair
Kerala, India


Thank you Aives for an amazing service. Your team provided a great advise in each step and had a professional approach detailing everything and scrutinizing before process. I got my visa before the scheduled time because of you dedicated and committed team member. I am delight to recommend Aives to all my needful friends.

Ramees Odakkal
Kerala, India

We are very happy with the customer services provided to us . Especially we really appreciate the services of Lipsy Gasper who had been very patient and supportive . We would like to thank the whole team of AIVES for making our dream come true.

Professional, punctual, reliable, ethical and knowledgeable are some of the attributes that I can think of. A bunch of great guys who give attention to every minute detail and provide u with the best immigration advise, suggestion and make the whole process of applying for a PR a very smooth and easy one at that.. Thanks a lot for your fabulous support. 😀

Deepesh Raman
Kerala, India

I am a living testament to how AIVES helped a lot of people achieve their Australian dream. The staff are very accommodating, professional, and certainly, know their craft very well. A special shoutout to. Mr. Sherman, my Case Officer, for having a limitless patience and superb assistance towards me during the entire process. His encouraging words and tireless motivation whenever I have felt unsteady in my draining, demanding and exhausting visa requirements. Also, I would like to commend the way he handled my queries— everything’s direct and on-point, thus, no room for vagueness. You really are a pro. Thank you, Mr. Sherman, and to the rest of the wonderful people of AIVES. P.S. If you are currently looking for an Australian Immigration/visa assistance, you should not hesitate to entrust it with AIVES

Morris Carlo Garcia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

These guys are simply amazing, most importantly the best hardcore immigration professionals available in the market. I would say they processed my application like a pro, with the pinpoint clarity on updating me each and every step. I will be glad to refer them to anyone who is looking forward to achieving their dream of immigration. AIVES –> You guys are a champ, keep up the good work. Special thanks to folks who assisted me: Azeez, Veena, Rinju & Rasheed. Best Wishes!!! Anish, Divya & Joe.

Anish Antony
Kerala, India

Truly professional service! Awesome and delighted with the overall service right from the engagement, each of the departments interacted. The team is highly knowledgeable and is always up-to-date with the visa process. I really appreciate Adv Veena for her prompt responses to our queries. She is highly knowledgeable with the visa process, The strength of AIves is their fabulous team, always good to have someone like her who is from a legal background. Special thanks to Azeez, who is an expert in this domain. He was able to clarify all our doubts and dealt our case with at most care and quality. We highly recommend AIVES to our friends and family. Thanks again for help, You guys have made our dreams come true.

Nirmal Kumar
Bangalore, India

AIVES did an excellent job on my visa application for Australian PR, right from initial visit to grant, they stayed as a reliable adviser. I recommend AIVES for any one planning to proceed with Australian PR from Kerala.

Roshin Kulakunnath
Cochin, Kerala

I’d like to say a BIG Thank You ! to the team at Aives ,especially Lipsy , who guided and worked very closely with me and ensured all the documents and supporting documents are in order and proof read the documents for any mistakes Aives is very professional and they know what they are doing . I would highly recommend their services to anyone . Thanks again ! Aives for your dedication and effort .

Dhruv Kumar
Bangalore, India

I highly recommend Aives Australia as a migration consultant. In my experience, we have received a brilliant service and expert advice. Very grateful and friendly staff’s. Once again thank you team Aives Australia , for successfully fulfilling our dream

Dennis Antony
Cochin, India

Aives turned out to be a great turning point in my life, they helped me achieve my dream of settling abroad come true. I would like to make a special mention of Lipsy, who handled my case and successfully completed the process. She was clear about the requirements from my side and the diligence she showed in following up with me in different stages of process was commendable. There was a point when I was a little sceptical whether I’ll get the PR, but she was confident that I’ll make through and kept my morale high. I’m highly indebted to Lipsy and team who processed my profile and helped me receive the visa grant. Cheers to team Aives �

Vivek joby
Kerala, India

I highly recommend AIVES for the migration process. They guided me well through the painful paperwork to successfully getting the visa. I found them very knowledgable about the entire process. I had almost dropped the idea of going to Australia till i found AIVES. Thank you.

Umesh Gopinath
Kerala, India

Appointing AIVES Migration to act on behalf ; means that we have had expert advice and guidance throughout the often complicated and stressful process of applying for visas. Moreover, I honesty believe that choosing AIVES for Australia would be one of the best decision we can ever make! The best part is having the peace of mind that an experts like Senior Lawyers ‘Rasheed Backer & Hiyas Backer’ with extensive expertise over decades, was dealing with visa processes which took so much of the worry and stress out of it. A peace of mind is that having been taken on as one of their clients, then there’s always a good 100% chance of successfully obtaining the visa, that’s what AIVES did for me, and I would strongly recommend my fellow cohort to predominantly choose AIVES.

Ashique Ahmad
Melbourne, Australia

Dear Aives Team, Thank you so much for your excellent service on my PR application for Australia. As you are aware I have visited so many other local agents offices and were not convinced with the service they offer. I really value the advice especially the assessment on my CDR reports by your Principal Migration Agent. Thanks a million!! We have reached in Melbourne and already got a home in Oak Park, Victoria and my daughter is so happy as she just got a Certified Tennis Coach n started going to Tennis Club in town!!!. I really wanna thank you all and special thanks to Hiyas in Bangalore.

Surendra Kumar
Civil Engineer - Bangalore

G’day Rasheed, Thank you very much for everything. I have submitted my passport for getting the visa stamped. I should get it back on monday or tuesday. I will surely keep in touch with you in the near future when its time to apply for my citizenship and also a visa application for my brother to come down to australia as well. Thank you again and we shall see each other soon. Best Regards Ashiah La Trobe University Melbourne

Ashish Mathew

I can’t thank you enough. You and your team have excelled in your professionalism and work ethics. It was a pleasant experience working with you and I’m already lining up a lot of people to go through you and for the fact that I have a very good reputation in Chennai and people would go with my word. So lets work the deal and I’ll send people your way even if I’m in Australia. This was the moment we’ve been waiting for and thank you once again, I have partying from the time your Bangalore Office staff called and told me about it. G’day mate and I will meet up with you in Australia. So long.

Gavin Pereira, Chennai INDIA

Excellent Service with down to earth attitude and sound Knowledge of Immigration Procedures. Thanks guys for your help to achieve my dream!!

Mahendra Biju, Melbourne Australia
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