Australian Citizenship got cancelled due to wrong advice from the unregistered immigration agent

Australian citizenship cancelled

An Indian got his Australian Citizenship cancelled after the Home affairs department found that he made a fake identity to get an Indian Passport. He used it to migrate to Australia in 2003, to get a spouse visa and later for Australian Citizenship. In June last year, Forensic Analysis discovered the fraudulence. Finally, Mr. Peter Dulton, the Home Affairs Minister decided to cancel the Australian Citizenship of Mr.Singh.

Wrong advise from unregistered immigration agent

Mr Singh landed in Australia for the first time as an International Student in 1997. He got married to an Australian woman. Based on the marriage relationship he applied for a partner visa. However, they got divorced in 2002. He moved back to India and married for the second time with an India based Australian Citizen. He alleged that an unregistered migration agent instructed him that he will be struggled to go back to Australia due to the earlier divorce and advised him to create a new identity. Mr Singh made a new passport with a new name and date of birth. He moved to Australia under a partner visa and later in the year 2005 he became an Australian Permanent Resident. Finally, he became an Australian Citizen in 2007 by using the same fake passport identity.

Forensic Analysis Detection

The tribunal informed that fake identity was found at the time he signed visa applications to sponsor the visa of his father. Various offences were imposed on Mr Singh against the citizenship and migration act. He admitted the guilty and punished for community service of 500 hours.

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